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All subscriptions have been paused indefinitely

Hello subscribers! Some of you are new and some have been with us since day 1. We want to give a HUGE thank you to our LOYAL subscribers. For those of you who have come to know us well, we sincerely thank you for your expressed concern and kindness during these recent months. We are alive and well and we are so grateful beyond belief for the good things that are.

For those of you not familiar with the recent issues, we have experienced many challenges lately with this business. Not to go into too much detail (there is a LOT more), shipping prices nearly doubled so getting products TO our facility was over twice as much, and then outgoing shipping also went crazy. Then if that wasn’t enough, we got Covid and it lasted us a month (still lasting head issues from it that we HOPE go away one day), then we were hacked very badly, no payments went through for over an entire MONTH! (Our database was disconnected by a redirect php that was injected). Then we had to delay boxes, then I broke 3 ribs in my back in a snowboarding accident and I am still in recovery (I flipped onto a rock on and landed on my back, broke 3 ribs in my back and now I have permanent cartilaginous ribs poking out sharp in the front) , then our town caught on fire and burned over 200 homes, including our awesome teammate Erica’s house. Her beloved dog Bella was in the home, along with all her possessions… It has been a very traumatic time for the community here and my amazing wife Natasha turned our office into a donation center for the fire victims temporarily (phones went down during the fire and it spread so fast we know people who were badly burned and barley made it out of their homes in time). With all things considered, we feel the universe is guiding our wild spirits another direction. We have enjoyed the ride very much! Meeting so many great people and helping so many artisans worldwide was always our goal when we started this journey to begin with. We thank all of you who have enjoyed our boxes and what we have done all these years. YOU are what made it worth it. We never made any real profits doing this, but we did it for the right reasons from day 1. We don’t want to keep doing price increases just to break even. 

If any of you subscribers are interested in carrying the torch, we would be open minded to passing it on to the right person/people. I would feel a lot better if a subscriber/member took over at least… What we have built, we are very proud of and thankful for. We feel it’s a true shame to let it go completely. But I suppose we must appreciate this time in our lives and the memories we have made doing so. For those of you who are wondering what this means for your remaining 6-12 mo. payments, you will be getting a credit in our online store when it goes live. We had already built it out but the entire inventory on it is no longer correct and without help it won’t be ready for a couple months at best… We are sorry it can’t be sooner but this has been very difficult. Natasha and I don’t want to stop. We feel like we are letting you down and we are so sorry. We love you guys and wish you a healthy and happy spring! Thank you!

If you joined and never got a box our best recommendation is to initiate a dispute with your CC processor. We no longer have a highly trained team to field the 100s of messages. We strongly encourage being honest with your CC disputes please. I truly apologize and wish there were another more efficient way to correct those, but there isn’t. Cheers!